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GIS is one of the best nursery / Primary schools in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. GIS uses a combination of our national and the British curriculum to foster the characteristics of effective early learning: playing and exploring and thinking critically.

The school provides for children inside and outside facilities. They have enabling learning environment to cater for children from 6 months and above.

The nursery/primary sections are well furnished and designed to enable the learner to learn effectively thus In every class, there is the main teacher and a teaching assistant.

To develop skills, concepts, and attitudes necessary to nurture a culture of excellence by providing a safe, stimulating, and challenging learning environment for all our pupils.

To prepare each child to optimize their full potentials as responsible global citizens and work as a team to create a balanced social, interactive and effective learning

• Good moral conduct
• Hard work
• Academic excellence

Why your child will benefit from learning at the Glitterland International School

Aim of the School

  • Raise well-rounded children, physically, emotionally, morally, and academically in a healthy environment.
  • Create an atmosphere where children of pre-school age to pre-college age can associate with their peers.
  • Provide a home away from home, where parents can trust others to care for their young children when life requires their presence elsewhere.
  • Assist the parents to care and give a loving kind, gentle and conducive environment necessary for nurturing children, helping them to develop acceptable behavior.
  • Expose the children to a wide range of experiences that will effectively initiate and expand the child’s social, physical and intellectual, development.
  • Offer an environment where learning can take place naturally and joyfully at a proper moment for each child using the enhanced Nigerian Curriculum.

10 Reasons for Choosing Us

  1. Happy learning
  2. We specialize in early years and primary education
  3. High performance
  4. Tailored curriculum
  5. Fluency in English and support for mother tongue
  6. Dedicated international teaching staff
  7. Central locations with a family ethos
  8. A truly international education
  9. Membership of cobis, a renowned worldwide association of schools
  10. All-through education

Meet Our Team

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