Participation in sports, clubs, and trips adds an exciting dimension to the learning experience at Glitterland International School. Teachers collaborate to offer a diverse range of programs that give every student a chance to get excited and get involved in order to pursue new interests.


Each student is encouraged to participate in one or more of the clubs which include:

  • Jets Club
  • The Arts
  • Literary and Press
  • Entrepreneur
  • Arts and Crafts

Each club meets regularly and is anchored by Emerald School staff members.


  • Road Safety
  • Red Cross
  • Boys Scout
  • Girls Guild


At Glitterland International School, we provide a variety of enrichment possibilities and sports offerings that promote positive life habits and teach our students the value of commitment, sportsmanship, and overcoming adversity. These characteristics bring an incredible sense of pride and enthusiasm.

Great emphasis is placed on sports in the schools. The students are all encouraged to participate in various competitions and sporting activities such as Basketball, Football, volleyball, Chess, Handball, tennis, and swimming. Training is managed by specialists as well as visiting coaches.

School Trips

The goal is for students to develop their awareness and appreciation for the world beyond school.

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