Glitterland International School is committed to providing learning opportunities that enrich and foster the academic development of our students. The school syllabus is a blend of British and Nigerian curricula. Thus, we encourage and guide students to give their best effort in pursuing excellence within a caring, child-centered, and supportive learning environment. We are committed in seeing our students succeed and our aim is to produce a total child through a holistic program that benchmarks best practices while being socially responsible.

Learn more about our curriculum at every stage of your child’s academic career;

 Pre-school / Nursery

Glitterland International School the journey begins with the Pre-School Program. We follow the Montessori scheme which establishes the basis for excellence in literacy, mathematics, science, Sensorial and so on. This curriculum instills a love of learning, rewarding critical thinking skills, curiosity, and creativity—while also developing important social skills. Altogether it provides a firm foundation on which to maximize emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Subjects taught in the school include:

Numeracy, Literacy, Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Creativity, Computer Appreciation, Moral Instruction, Movement, Music, Rhymes, Phonics, Handwriting(cursive)…


Glitterland International School is a vibrant and inspiring place. We take great pride in our student diversity, lauded faculty, and rigorous academic offerings that bring out the best in our kids. We are student-centered and provide one-to-one access to computers.  Our subjects balance an emphasis on practice and discipline with the development of 21st Century Skills through Child-Centered Learning and the use of technology.

Our curriculum incorporates coding within academic courses. Our students prepare for high school and beyond through the development of; Numeracy, Literacy, Bible Knowledge, French, Yoruba, Social Studies, Science, Music, Arts And Crafts, Computer Appreciation, Geography, History, Vocational Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Poetry, Handwriting (cursive) and Library Studies, reading, and Creative Writing skills. They hone their abilities for research and learn to communicate effectively, collaborate genuinely, and think creatively and critically.

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