Our school is purpose-built on large grounds with pleasant play areas and appropriate play equipment. Our classrooms are tastefully decorated, air-conditioned, and furnished with age-appropriate furniture. We have a well-equipped library, ICT room, arts & design room, activity rooms, science laboratory, dance room, school hall, and a sickbay. It is truly a conducive learning center.

At Glitterland International School, all our class teachers hold a minimum of first degrees from reputable universities, a wealth of experience, and continuous training in the educational field. They are dedicated, committed, and passionate about their jobs. Both the teaching and non-teaching staff work as a team to create a balanced social, interactive and effective learning environment for all

  1. A well-equipped sick bay.
  2. An up-to-date Science laboratory.
  3. An ICT Suite.
  4. A spacious and equipped playground.
  5. A well-resourced library.
  6. School Hall.
  7. A Music gallery.
  8. A stimulating Art and design studio.
  9. And tastefully furnished air-conditioned classrooms fitted with age-appropriate furniture.
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Activity Room

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Well equipped sick bay


Reception Room

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Staff louge


Spacious and equipped play ground

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Well resourced library

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